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Most of the individual posters are available in three different sizes. Price starts at $15 for A3, $20 for A2 and $30 for A1. You will be able to select the size on the product page. 

You can also purchase the intellectual property rights for the six posters (digital posters bundle), price starts at $110 for schools, $550 for tertiary institution & local government and $1100 for state government body & corporate. Your organisation's logo will be incorporated on the poster and you can make unlimited number of prints. All prices incl. GST.

Poster: The story of a plastic spoon

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What is the story of a plastic spoon? Have you ever thought about the enormous amount of energy, resources, time and effort required to make a piece of plastic that you only use once and then throw away? There must be a better way of doing things! This richly detailed infographic is a fantastic addition to any classroom, canteen or education centre.

This poster is also available in a simpler version for younger age groups.

This high-resolution poster is printed at the highest professional standard for A1 and A2 size using super-thick 200gsm paper, resulting in a tough and long-lasting product. A3 size is printed on high photo quality print paper.

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