The Ocean Action Pod is an arresting funky mobile exhibition with props and educational activities creating action for our oceans. Its playful approach and positive messaging attracts both children and adults eager to take on board solutions which prioritises the health of our oceans. The pod is super family friendly and its colourful, interactive and creative displays are key features to engaging hearts and minds in a meaningful and memorable way.

















This unique community resource is equipped with interactive resources and is accompanied by expert educational staff who bring the issue to life in innovative new ways. The Pod has had rave reviews from community and school engagements in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Sydney and Wollongong.

The Ocean Action Pod was activated through a grant from the NSW Environmental Trust by Sydney’s Total Environment Centre.

Total Environment Centre is the convenor of Australia’s largest umbrella for environment advocacy, the Boomerang Alliance, consisting of 48 NGOs and community groups devoted to ending the plastic pollution threatening our oceans – www.boomerangalliance.org.au

The Ocean Action Pod is a program of the Total Environment Centre, in collaboration with the Boomerang Alliance and with the generous support of initial funding from the NSW Environmental Trust.