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COVID-19 RESPONSE UPDATE: The Ocean Action Pod is back in action and taking bookings. Please read our COVID-19 Safety Plan


Come on a tour of the Ocean Action Pod and meet some of our most recent Ocean Action Heroes, and learn more about the trouble the ocean is in and why it needs your help. Then stay on the line and take our Ocean Action Quiz to become an Ocean Action Hero!


Ocean plastic pollution is an urgent and growing crisis on a vast scale

The Ocean Action Pod is a pop-up multimedia educational experience that has been created by the Total Environment Centre to engage both adults and children with the growing problem of plastic pollution

In 2015 the world added 9 million tonnes of plastic to the ocean. Worse, every single piece of plastic that entered the ocean in previous years is still there.


You may be aware of the terrible impacts of this vast accumulation of plastic litter on sea creatures like birds, turtles, whales and dolphins. But fewer people know about what is happening at a much smaller scale.


Plastic doesn’t decompose, it just gets smaller. The ocean is now awash with trillions upon trillions of microscopic plastic particles, which mop up all the other toxins in the water. Plankton are ingesting these particles. They in turn provide food either directly or indirectly to every other creature in the ocean, including whales, sharks, and every species of sea creature ingested by humans.


A person eating an average seafood diet consumes somewhere in the region of 11,000 individual pieces of plastic each year - they’re just too small for you to see.


BUT, don't despair. There are some clear practical ways forward. Together we can turn the tide of ocean plastic...

The Ocean Action Pod is a program of the Total Environment Centre, in collaboration with the Boomerang Alliance and with the generous support of initial funding from the NSW Environmental Trust.